Steorn is an Irish company which claims to have developed a magnetic device that produces "free energy". In July of 2007, they scheduled a demonstration at the Kinetica Museum in London. That demo was a total failure. A sort of post-mortem took place the following day in private. Someone got some video and audio clips of those sessions and they are presented here. Nothing in them (or anywhere else) suggests that Steorn has made any scientific discovery of value whatsoever.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Steorn at Kinetica July 7, 2007 -- Invitation Only Meeting. Sean speaks... a lot!

I've been asked to include the videos of Sean speaking Saturday July 7, at Kinetica. I have more than an hour of clips. I will post more as I have time, so please check back. It's a tedious process. I realize the voice recording is not always intelligible. Want to know for sure what Sean meant? Ask him!

My favorite quote from the video (but I removed it from the clips because it clearly identified who said it):

Person 1: "Sean is over there speaking. He's just not saying anything!"

Person 2: "Yes. He's very good at that."

NOTES: If you have problems with sound or picture, it's probably your problem. Check to make sure you can view other Youtube videos. Youtube can be slow or even "down". If you have problems, try refreshing the page in your browser or try again a few minutes or hours later.


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Clip #1 starts on July 7, 2007 in the late morning (not sure of local time zone). It runs about 6 minutes and shows Sean MacCarthy addressing the "invitations only" group.

Clip #2 is the continuation of clip #1. It also runs about 6 minutes.